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Well hello there!🍊

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Here she is!

My beautiful passion project, Little Blue Naartjie!

Little Blue Naartjie is bright, colourful, fun and ready to make your lives that much easier. Through this page, I hope to breathe new life into your kitchens and hearts, even if only a little bit.

Little Blue Naartjie was born out of a love for food and cooking, travel and people. Through the blog, I will share with you all my foodie experiences, including recipes, amazing restaurants in and around Joburg and most importantly, tips on how to make cooking that much simpler in your beautiful, crazy busy lives.

" For me, cooking is an extension of love".

In addition to the blog, our gorgeous little ready-made meal business will be up and running soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I am surrounded by super strong, multitasking super mums, gorgeous Pilates instructing warriors, kick ass creatives and whirlwind queens of the corporate world. Everyday women (and men) are juggling their busy lives and at the end of the day, are still required to put a tasty, healthy meal on the table. I want to help make this part of your day easier. Simple, fresh, nutritious and delicious, Little Blue Naartjie’s ready-made meals will be conveniently delivered to your door, so at the end of the day all you need to do is pop dinner in the oven. Relax, chill and practise some self-love beautiful people…We will do the cooking for you!

So…Here begins the great food journey of the little train that could, Little Blue Naartjie. I can’t wait to watch this little seed grow with you all

Wish me luck!



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